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A CRM Software and Software-as-a-Service Community Portal
CRM Landmark is a true authorative voice of the CRM software customer, consultant or practitioner. This research, information repository and forum is dedicated to both on-premise and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM solutions and made up entirely of volunteer contributors and industry insiders. CRM Landmark seeks to promote group collaboration and communication for the benefit of its members and readers.

Our Mission is to be a credible destination for the education, evaluation and unbiased insight regarding on-premise and cloud or SaaS CRM software solutions. We seek to gather and offer a collective community voice in a vendor neutral format and learn from the combined experiences of our volunteer network and member participants. All content is free of charge.
No Vendor Pay For Praise
All content is objective.
No Paid Endorsements
All content is candid and real.
No Misleading Information
No biased promotion of vendors.
No Vendor Advertising
Remove the money and your left with truth.
No Vendor Newsletters
This is not a lead referral service for CRM vendors.

While CRMLandmark recognizes the important role played by CRM vendors and actively encourages their input, the community at large is a user-based forum seeking input, experience and advice free of vendor and financial bias.

Cast Your Vote
Help us recognize those CRM software vendors and service providers which deliver outstanding solutions, consistently exceed expectations and go the extra mile. Voting to begin in August.

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Updated RFP Template RFP Template - Several SFA RFP (Request For Proposal) templates have been consolidated to a single version.

Demo Scripts Demo Script - Despite the groans of a few particular CRM vendors, the demo scripts do an outstanding job of comparing vendor solutions in an apples to apples fashion and on a level playing field.

User Reviews - The number of user reviews related to several SaaS CRM solutions has recently picked up. Please provide input if you have direct experience with any of the online CRM applications.

AMR Research - This hosted CRM Research Summary is a bit dated, however, continues to provide some meaningful trend data and debuncts the myth that SaaS solutions are limited to the SMB market.

SaaS CRM Survey Responses
Multi-tenant CRM software Multi-tenant versus Isloated Tenant
See the survey results.
Is open source CRM ready for prime time? See the survey results.
The future of hosted CRM
See the survey results.
Reasons For CRM Failures?
See the survey results.
Is hosted ERP ready for action?
See the survey results.
Thin-client vs. fat-client ASP
See the survey results.
Morning Coffee
CRM article
How to predict hosted CRM delivery performance

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Member & Visitor Reviews!

Finally a true SaaS community. I'm sick of other community sites that fish for clients in an effort to sell consulting services and even sicker of the many sites that use newsletters and web casts as a fee generator to promote software vendors. Thank you for finally creating an independent and meaningful source of on-demand community information!

quote Finally a web site where I don't have to register to receive a white paper. quote

As FOX would say, CRM Landmark is the 'no spin zone' of online CRM information.

This site is the Open Source of on-demand informational forums.

No gimmicks, just first hand information and shared knowledge.

Volunteers Wanted!
This CRM community portal evolves daily based on the contributions of volunteer participants. We are always looking for volunteers willing to perform research, author member interest articles and provide personal CRM insight based on their professional experiences.

Become a Participant!
Contribute to the most recognized CRM industry forum and display your credential proudly. The CRMlandmark seal illustrates your industry participation and commitment. More ...
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Ask The Expert
Got a question about CRM software, hosted CRM, web-based solutions, implementation challenges or CRM software vendors? If so direct it to Rob. He'll either reference his two decades of first hand experience or forward the question to the right person.


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CRMlandmark is a volunteer business network and community portal focused on traditional and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM software solutions. Unfortunately, the industry has not yet settled on a unified term to describe the revolutionary shift from on-premise business applications to SaaS applications. While terms such as On-Demand Computing, Utility Computing, Pay-As-You-Go Computing, ASP (application service provider) and Hosted applications are common, this community portal will utilize the term SaaS.

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