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The Panacea and Pitfalls of Hosted CRM Software

One Size Fits All CRM Strategies Generally Fit Few

Leave mass herding for cows, not CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software users.

Cow Heard

SAAS providers which require all users to subscribe to the same version solution in mass and at all times impose limitations to users and serious hardships to customers whom modify their software or integrate their solution with legacy or other systems. A single version requirement would be unheard of, and in fact would be immediately rejected, in the non-SAAS delivered arenas. Many SAAS vendors have imposed the single version requirement in order to achieve commodity level economies of scale. However, effective CRM is a competitive advantage and differentiator and because superior customer service will never be a commodity, customer service providers must be able to operate uniquely and apart from the crowd. Fortunately, a few of the newer generation SAAS vendors have recognized that CRM customers cannot be herded like cattle to new versions immediately upon those versions release. Instead, these vendors permit customers to choose to upgrade to subsequent software versions when they desire. This flexibility allows customers to review and test new versions before adoption, prepare users for changes or increased functionality and plan for an orderly transition with any previously performed customization or integration.

No Cow Hearding

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