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About CRM Landmark
Our purpose is to maximize our CRM business strategies and information systems investments. Our CRM community is a diverse group of participants from every CRM vantage point. Our combined knowledge fuels our mutual success.
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Mission & Purpose
Our Mission is to be a credible destination for the education, evaluation and insight regarding on-premise and hosted CRM software solutions. We seek to gather and offer a collective community voice and learn from the combined experiences of our diverse volunteer network and member participants. All content is free of charge and there are no required registration forms to download information. CRM Landmark has nothing to sell and does not participate in vendor advertising, vendor orientated white papers, vendor paid endorsements or vendor marketing programs.

All About Us & Our Community
Our online CRM community participants represent every interest in the CRM life cycle - including buyers, implementers, users, system administrators, consultants, programmers, analysts, pundits and manufacturers. We seek a true democratization in our CRM community and both our readership and contributors reflect this openness, diversity and broad spectrum of interests. We welcome the input and feedback from any and all interested sources – including CRM users, enthusiasts, consultants, analysts, manufacturers or any other person that has interest in this highly evolving industry. We recognize many contributors have biased views, special interests and/or parochial influences – however, that’s okay and its even encouraged when channeled toward our common interests, as long as their content is fairly positioned and backed up with professional opinion or supported data. Will biased content find its way onto our web site? Sure. However, when it’s overt we will remove it and whether it’s over or not we believe our web site readers and participants are intelligent enough to synthesize data from multiple sources and recognize seemingly inconsistent view points.

Top Contributors
We want to recognize and thank some of our top CRM community contributors. These participants include (in no logical order) Colleen Peterson, Jim Streeter, Ricardo Shifley, Debra D, Eduardo Viejes, Jimmy S, Brent Goodson, Chuck Schaeffer, Janice Sooner, Rachelle Burns, Tom Foristell, Daniel Ortega, Ivan Traterski, Michael P, Jimmy Howard, Frank V, Allen Palmer, Basil Albater, and of course Robert Kane.

Our Future Direction
In addition to growing relevant and useful CRM content for the community, we intend to tap into Web 2.0 and social media tools in the near term. Some of the social media tools we are now evaluating include:

SaaS Portal User Forums (with various CRM related threads and special interest groups)
SaaS Portal Wiki (possibly a few different wiki's based on content type)
SaaS Portal Blog (probably supplemented with podcasts and vlogs)

We know we're only tapping the social media surface, however, we're hopeful these ideas and tools will build value and momentum toward other initiatives. If you have personal interest or expertise in these or other web 2.0 tools and are willing to lend a helping hand in their implementation on this web site, please contact us using the Contribute page.

Please feel free to contact us, using the Contact page, if you have any general or specific questions about this web site.

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