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Posted 2008-03-03 by Colleen from Tampa, Florida

We incurred similar arrogant, obnoxious behaviors from a cast of sales representatives during our software selection project.  Formal requests to the vendor to liaise only with the project manager were ignored and sale people performed multiple end-runs to our executive team. We initially put up with the behavior in order to fairly judge their CRM product. However, when the product was eliminated by another SaaS solution which was superior for our needs, it was good riddance. Or so we thought. One of the sales representatives with the longest titles attempted to trump our project manager, some how made contact with our Director and used a number of well rehearsed cliché's to indicate our project team was flawed, our project manager was clueless, the team had made a big mistake with their recommendation and he was going to be the fall guy for it. We’ve since learned from other organizations that this behavior is routine for once they are informed they are no longer being considered. Fortunately, this rise from arrogance to unethical behavior was the final straw and our request that they leave us alone was elevated to a demand.

Posted 2007-12-19 by Todd Vanderkooi from Mansfield, Ohio

I'm not surprised at all. That's common practice when dealing with the 800 pound gorilla of the software as a service CRM industry. Same thing happened to us. Check out the article titled "It's SALES*F*O*R*C*E.COM Thank You Very Much" by industry heavyweight Dick Lee who echo's another experience in this company's pattern of aggressive behaviors. Bob Thompson, the CEO of CustomerThink and an extremely recognized CRM lecturer, wrote an interesting article called "Five Problems Will Thwart's Rise in On-Demand CRM" which seems to illustrate several characteristics that exemplify the company's conceited culture and behaviors.

Posted 2007-12-12 by Sung Li from Sacramento, California

We looked at but didn't buy it. However, after eliminating the vendor, that unfortunately didn't stop an assault from sales people to our project team and executives. In fact, after they were informed we had selected another on-demand CRM software product, they implemented a full court press, reached out to executives that had little to do with the project and attacked on our project manager. Very surprising from a CRM company.

Posted 2007-02-14 by Helen from Manhattan Beach, California

We've been using salesforce for almost two months and love it. We were up and running in just two days and the sales staff find it easy to use. We haven't customized the system in any way because it costs too much, but I think using the standard system is actually a plus when you consider the frequent upgrades and technical support. I'd recommend this system to any other small business.

Posted 2007-01-19 by Howard Jenkins from Columbia, Maryland

After a year and a half of problems we dropped and went with another hosted vendor. Our primary problems with included:

  • Difficulty in customizing the system - the customization part of the software demo was great, unfortunately, that was just a mocked up demo. The real effort to use the tools to customize the system couldn't have been farther from the demo.
  • No service level agreement (SLA) - yes, there were several outages and downtime that brought our sales operation to a grinding halt.
  • Pathetic customer service - next time we'll be going with a customer relationship management software company that actually practices what it preaches when it comes to maintaining and nurturing customer relationships (after the sale is made).

My recommendation to any company in a software selection project is to make sure you don't get lulled into the software demo. Actual use of the software is much different than the demo.

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